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Biodiversity of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve Rajasthan
Author(s) : Singh, V. ; Shrivastava, A.K.
Publication Year : 2007 , May
Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9788172334923
Price In INR : Rs 3750
Total No of Pages : 415 Pages

The present book on the Biodiversity of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve deals with 539 species of higher plants and 361 species of animals (vertebrates). Besides geographical position and topography, the abiotic components, viz. geology, soils, water, climatic conditions etc., which determine the composition of biota in an ecosystem, have been discussed in details. Correct and valid names have been adopted for the floral and faunal elements along with local and English names. The keys have been provided for plant species from infra-specific to family level for easy identification. The short diagnostic description, phenology, ecology and distributional aspects have been provided under each plant species. Besides statistical analysis of floral composition, the phytogeographical and biological spectra have also been worked out to determine the routes of migration and phytoclimate respectively. Bioperspective value of the Reserve has been assessed to determine the economic potentiality and sustainable utilization of bioresources. The faunal diversity includes vertebrate fauna only, arranged in a classified manner. The shelter and feeding habits along with dependency of fauna on vegetation have been provided to determine plant-animal relationship and flow of energy. Details about endemic and threatened species of plants and animals, along with causes of threats, have been given for proper management of the Reserve.
About 107 colour photographs of habitat and plants and animals with 36 illustrations of plant species have been provided. Several maps, pie charts, graphs, figures etc, along with data-tables, are appended to illustrate the findings. It is hoped that the book will prove a milestone in the management of the Reserve.

  Justification and objectives
  Geographical position and topography
  Geology and soils
  Water resources
 Floral diversity: Present status of know-ledge; Vegetation types; Key to the fami-lies; Enumeration of species; Floristic analysis & important findings; Phytogeo- graphical aspects; Biological spectrum; Threats to biodiversity; Conservation and management strategies; Bioperspective potential
 Faunal diversity: Review of literature; Enumeration of species; Statistical ana- lysis of fauna; Plant-animal relationship; Conservation and management
  Index to the english and local names-flora
  Index to the botanical names
  Index to the english and local names-fauna
  Index to the zoological names
  Index to the photographs
  Index to the illustrations

1. Singh, V.

Born on August 15th Aug, 1947 obtained his M. Sc. and Ph. D. degrees in Botany from the C. C. S. University, Meerut (U. P.) during the year 1967 and 1974 respectively with specialization in Systematic botany. He is devoted to the study of Indian biodiversity right from the date of completion of post graduation and in thirty four years of his research career he has published books like : 3-volumed Flora of Rajasthan, Flora of Banswara district, Ethnobotany of Rajasthan and a monumental Monograph on Indian subtribe Cassiinae of Caesalpiniaceae. He is also recognized for the taxonomic monographs on Zygophyllaceae and Ebenaceae. He has worked on different aspects of Indian flora viz. taxonomy, ethnobotany, ecology, phytosociology, phytogeography, conservation of biodiversity etc and has about 95 research papers in his credit.

2. Shrivastava, A.K.
Borne on 24th May, 1977, obtained his M. Sc. Degree in Botany in 2000 from A. P.S. University, Rewa (M.P.). He has worked as Research fellow in Arid Zone Circle, Botanical Survey of India, Jodhpur and studied the flora and fauna of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve for 4 years w.e.f. February, 2001. He has about 8 research papers in his credit and is presently associated with Herbal Formulation Development in Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI) Laboratory, Ahmedabad. 
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