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Biopesticides in Environment and Food Security: Issues and Strategies
Author(s) : Koul, O. ; Dhaliwal, G.S. ; Khokhar, S. ; Singh, R.
Publication Year : 2012 , June
Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9788172337971
Price In INR : Rs 3350
Total No of Pages : 474 Pages

Drivers behind food security and crop protection issues vis-à-vis the food losses caused by pests include rapid human population increase, climate change, loss of beneficial on-farm biodiversity, reduction in per capita cropped land, water shortages, and pesticide withdrawals. Integrated pest management, therefore, becomes a compulsory strategy in agriculture, which offers a 'toolbox' of complementary crop- and region-specific crop protection solutions to address these rising pressures. IPM aims at more sustainable solutions by using complementary technologies and one of them is the use of biopesticides including genetically modified cropping systems. The aim is to reduce pests below economic thresholds utilizing key 'ecological services', particularly biocontrol systems via semiochemicals, biopesticides, precision pest monitoring tools, and rapid diagnostics. In fact, we are facing twin problems of environment and food security for the expanding population and it is necessary to ensure adequate pesticide-free food. The ecofriendly nature of biopesticide products suggests environment protection and safety for natural enemies and non-target organisms. However, their adoption and use have lagged behind due to certain constraints like variable performance under field situations, lack of quality standards and interest by big industrial houses, and cumbersome regulatory procedures. The present book is an attempt to critically debate over all these issues and suggest a road map for future.

1 Biopesticides: Spring board to environment and food security - G. S. Dhaliwal, Opender Koul, Sucheta Khokhar and Ram Singh
2 Attracting predators and parasitoids using herbivore induced plant volatiles (HIPVs) and maximizing their impact with nectar rewards- G. M. Gurr, M. Simpson and S. D. Wratten
3 Insect pheromone technology: A vigorous tree of science blessed with a variety of evergreen branches, including nanotechnology - Hans E. Hummel and Detlef F. Hein
4 Role of semiochemicals in biopesticide research and pest management - S, Narasimhan, S. Kannan and Sreeraj Gopi
5 Deployment of transgenic crops for pest management: Ecolog-ical considerations and their biosafety to the environment - H. C. Sharma
6 Bacterial toxins and their application in insect pest management - M. Nagesh, Seema Wahab, Saleem Javeed and R. Thippeswamy
7 Genetic improvement of bioagents for pest management in agriculture- Mukesh K. Dhillon
8 Developments in the genetic improvement of entomopathogenic nematodes- Vikas Jindal, Harit K. Bal, Ruisheng An and Parwinder S. Grewal
9 Protease inhibitors as biopesticides: Potential and constraints - Neha Khandelwal, Rakesh S. Joshi, Vidya S. Gupta and Ashok P. Giri
10 Botanical biopesticides in pest management: Potential and constraints- Suresh Walia, Deva Kumar and Opender Koul
11 Pesticidal plants: A viable alternative insect pest management approach for resource-poor farming in Africa - Philip C. Stevenson, Stephen P. Nyirenda, Brighton Mvumi, Phosiso, Sola, John, F. Kamanula, Gudeta Sileshi and Steven R. Belmain
12 Biologically based stored product insect pest management - Thomas W. Phillips
13 From the laboratory to field: Entomopathogens, their success and limitations for widespread use - Surendra K. Dara
14 Registration related issues in effective use of biopesticides in pest management - O. M. Bambawale and Someshwar Bhagat
15 Acarines as biocontrol agents in pest management - Rachna Gulati
16 Plant growth promoting rhizomicroorganisms and plant health management - Suseelendra Desai and Y. R. Sarma
17 Endophytic fungal entomopathogens in insect pest management systems - V. Ambethgar
18 Biofungicides: Current scenario and future prospects in the management of plant diseases - Jaspal Kaur and Rama S. Singh
19 Three decades of research on botanical biopesticides in Canada: 1980-2010 - Rita Seffrin and Murray B. Isman
20 Biopesticides in Africa: Current status and future potential - S. Facknath and B. Lalljee
21 Biopesticides for pest management in Thailand: Prospects and constraints.- Vasakorn Bullangpotti and Opender Koul

1. Koul, O.
2. Dhaliwal, G.S.
3. Khokhar, S.

4. Singh, R.

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