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Indira's Objective Agricultural Biotechnology : MCQs for Agricultural Competitive Examinations
Author(s) / Editor(s) : Arya, R.L. ; Arya, Sonam ; Das, Alok ; Vaishali
Publication Date : 2013 , January
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9788172338350
Price In INR : Rs 470
Total No of Pages : 610 Pages

A quick reference manual covering all aspects of biotechnology is a long felt need for students and aspirants appearing in different competitive examinations. Towards this end, efforts have been made by us to prepare and presents all facets of biotechnology in easy, short and understandable manner. “Indira’s Objective Agricultural Biotechnology” for competitive exams in agricultural biotechnology discipline contains 23 chapters covering all related disciplines. These chapters include : Introduction, Cell Biology, Genetics and Cytogenetics, Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology, Plant Biochemistry, Agricultural Microbiology, Ecology, Diversity of life and ecological principles, Environmental Biotechnology, Natural and Forest Conservation, Genomics and Recombinant DNA technology, Transgenics, Molecular markers, Plant Tissue Culture, Bioinformatics, Seed Biotechnology, Plant Protection Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Food and Beverage Biotechnology, Intellectual Property Rights, Patenting and Biosafety, Animal Biotechnology. Model test papers and previous years solved papers have been given due importance at the end of the book present a general guidance of examination pattern. Each chapters contains multiple choice questions covering every aspects and total about 11000 objective questions with multiple choices have been framed and arranged sequentially. Recent technological development in the field of agriculture also been incorporated in the text. This book is primarily intended to serve as a ready reference for those appearing in competitive examinations of undergraduate, post graduate, M. Phil and doctorate programmes in Biotechnology of various Universities. We believe that this book will also be useful for teachers, researchers and development officers for references and easy answering of many complicated questions. Every possible effort has been made to accommodate previous year’s questions of various competitive examinations, on memory basis. The chapters are chosen in view to cover the course contents of competitive examinations like IAS, IFS, ARS, PCS, Banking, SLETs, UGC-NET and others.

1. Introduction

2. Cell biology

3. Genetics and cytogenetics

4. Plant physiology and molecular biology

5. Plant biochemistry

6. Agricultural microbiology

7. Ecology and ecological  principles

8. Diversity of life

9. Environmental biotechnology

10. Natural and forest conservation biotechnology

11. Genomics and recombinant DNA technology

12. Transgenics

13. Molecular markers

14. Plant tissue culture

15. Bioinformatics

16. Seed Biotechnology

17. Plant protection biotechnology

18. Industrial biotechnology

19. Food and beverage biotechnology

20. Intellectural property right, patenting and biosafety biotechnology

21. Animal biotechnology

22. Model test papers

23. Previous years  solved question papers

Answer Sheet

1. Arya, R.L.

2. Arya, Sonam

3. Das, Alok
4. Vaishali
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